Prefect® Branding

With over 15 years of creative experience, we develop strong branding, marketing and advertising campaigns for emerging entrepreneurs, across a variety of industries. We work with all shapes and sizes of business, from the one-person operation, to the major corporation. Contact us for a FREE CONSULTATION or GET STARTED today.

Featured Client: The Green Café



  • Web Design
  • Logos/Brand Names/Tags
  • Ads/Interactive Ads
  • Scripts
  • Branding Platforms
  • Marketing Campaigns


  • God Has a Plan for Me!
  • Childbirth Basics & Beyond
  • Communication Claire
  • Uvenia
  • Natural Protection Solutions
  • Barbados Canadian & Friends Association
  • What are You Living With (PSA)
  • B Studio
  • Take Control Cosmedix
  • Natural Way
  • Face the World Cosmedics
  • Ryan Luke Consulting
  • Meridian Sun
  • Impetus Consulting
  • 1triBE
  • Influential
  • The Green Cafe

Featured Client: Influentialinfluential_casestudy