Prefect® Market Testing


Prefect isn’t just about getting feedback on your end product, it’s about knowing what your customer responds to every step of the production process. Holding the belief that producers develop stronger products by involving their target markets earlier in the process, we design the tools to help you test your product’s success, as early as the research & development stage.

Ensure your product is at its best in four easy steps:foursteps_short


  • Submit a sample (prototype)


  • Sample placed in online test centre


  • Paid testers review sample


  • Receive a Prefect® Score and easy-to-read report


Whether you’re a small business aiming to break into your market with a new product, or an established company looking to stay ahead, we keep you tapped into your target market, through every stage of production.With real customer input, you can enhance your product, helping to increase sales and your portion of the market share.

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